We Took To The Woods • Bark Candle

We Took To The Woods • Bark Candle


Bark container in green and gold packaging

Made with pure soy wax and 100% cotton wicks.

•8.5 oz
•40+ hour burn time

Alpine Cottage
The cabin in a mountain clearing, flowers blooming by the steps of the porch. Tea Rose.

Blue Jeans, White Shirt
Dirt road dance. Warm Linen, Herbal Tea, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Meet Me In The Meadow
At the edge of the woods, under the willow. Fig, Bergamot, White Tea Leaves, Jasmine, Sweet Heliotrope, and Sandalwood

Whiskey River
A leather armchair by the fire, a glass of fine malt. Tobacco, Amber, and Musk

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